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As of January 2014, Biometics has partnered with Youngevity to provide the complete line of Biometics products alongside the entire Youngevity line.
DETAILS HERE: New Partnership

Biometics (Est. 1993) and Youngevity (Est. 1997) now offer the best of both worlds in one place. To see the entire product line, please visit biometics.youngevity.com
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Who We Are
We at Biometics are a company of big thinkers, of forthright leaders and people with a relentless passion. We are a unique health company who makes things happen that betters people’s lives. We are driven by our extraordinary products.
Through better physical and mental health everything can open up for people, sometimes in unexpected almost magical ways. Biometics offers people that possibility for big change, change which can result in profound outcomes in many areas of their personal and professional lives.
Biometics offers a path of realistic and humanistic solutions to gain life mastery. That path begins with offering better health to everybody. Yes — everybody.
That is what we do. We are first and foremost a health company who offers our customers, our independent distributors and our employees an opportunity to be directly involved in the entire process of the company’s development and growth.
Earning commissions, earning salaries, owning company stock, participating in annual corporate profits, and having a shot at executive management, up to and including, becoming the next President of the company is available to everybody that is involved with Biometics.
Not only is all this possible, we expect it. We encourage it. We champion all our new people to excel and better those that came before us and those of us who are Biometics today.
We want the best people to come forward and we have the opportunity to help them make that happen for themselves personally.
We at Biometics are all about change for the betterment of you, yourself, first,
Then eventually, all of mankind. We are big thinkers.
Biometics is a visionary company bringing people together who want to make a difference for themselves and others.
That is who we are. 
Biometics since 1993.

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