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TUESDAY LIVE CALL with Biometics President
Chris Sanchez and Special Guest -
Platinum Executive Director Dave Gerhardt
"BIOMETICS Has Truly Changed My Life"
with Platinum Executive Director TERESA PULLEY
"Winning with Simplicity"
with Platinum Executive Director FRANKIE PULLEY
"How to Recruit Talent into Your Business"
with Special Guest TODD FALCONE
"Commitment, the Key Element to Success"
with Special Guest RONNIE DOSS
"The Missing Ingredient That Keeps You from Attracting, Sponsoring, and Retaining All the Distributors You Could Ever Want" with Special Guest JERRY CLARK
"How to Guarantee Your Success in Network Marketing" with special guest TODD FALCONE
"NEW BIOMEGA 3" with special guest DR. DAVID RUTOLO
"The Evolution of Biometics...Check Out Where We're Going Now" with special guest DAVE GERHARDT
"How to Master the Prospecting Game" with
special guest TODD FALCONE
"Creating VALUE in Your Prospect's Mind"
"The One Single Concept That Can Drastically Alter Your Financial Destiny For The Better - Starting Right Now!" with JERRY CLARK
"How to Eliminate Commuting, Destroy Your Alarm Clock, Fire Your Boss, and Earn at least $20,000 per month for the rest of your Life"
"How to Identify the Perfect Prospect for your Business"
"Turning on Your OPEN FOR BUSINESS Sign"
"BIOLINK Marketing System" with special guest Success Products Trainer GLORIA COOK
"How to Build Through Home Presentations"
"Showing the Science of Biometics"
"The Million Dollar Mindset" with special guest
"High Achievement in Network Marketing - Hear Jerry 'DRhino' Clark's Words Come Alive!"
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